Photo by Stanley Blanchard.
Photo by Stanley Blanchard

Photo by Julie Evans.
Photo by Julie Evans


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Biographical Notes


I am a writer, photographer, sometimes actor and singer. I live in New Paltz, NY with my wife Carol and our two cats, Elvis and Zorro. Though I write mostly poetry, and short stories that often have a strange twist, I have completed two novels and looking for a publisher. My stories have appeared in several print publications and on the internet. My photographs complement the poetry of Steve Lewis in our book, A Month on a Barrier Island. Other photos have appeared in newspapers and magazines, and are in homes and offices around the country.

In addition to my writing and photography, I keep busy, too busy sometimes with volunteer work and board memberships. As if that weren't enough, I am the proprietor of Millrock Writers a small independent publishing company, and also one of the principal actors in a play by Larry Winters titled Nothing Means Nothing.

Check out my irregularly updated blog, Musings from the Gunks
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